5 ways to increase your income without a college degree

  1. Get a certification

Certifications are an excellent way to increase your income in a short time. I highly recommend getting a certification as a permanent solution to increasing your income if you’re not interesting in going back to school. I’ve recommended this method to many of my friends that didn’t obtain a college degree. Many of them have gone to double or triple their annual income. Certifications are a formalized display of your professional ability. Many certifications simply require you to learn specific material and pass a test. The certification basically says to employers this individual has knowledge about a particular subject. In some career fields certifications can be far more valuable than a college degree.

  1. Get a part time job

This option might be one of the easiest way on this list to increase your income. I would not recommend this option as a permanent method for increasing your income. This should be used as a temporary solution until while you work on finding a permanent solution to your income problem. With that being said, there was a point in my life when I needed to increase my income quickly, to achieve a goal that I wanted to accomplish pretty fast. I sat down and applied to a number of part-time jobs online. Within a week I started working my part-time job, which increased my monthly income about $700 after tax. Using this method for me eventually took a toll on me. Leaving one job to go to another was not an ideal situation for me. I still wanted to enjoy my life, hang out with friends, take vacations etc. With two jobs it can be hard to enjoy your life if you’re working all the time, hence why this should be used as a temporary solution to your income problem. Ultimately I only worked my part-time job for a few months while I search for a better fulltime job.

  1. Freelance your skills

Every person has skills, even if you’re not aware of what your skills are, you have at least one. There are plenty of ways you can monetize your skills. Sit down and think of things you are good at. These things may not seem like a big deal to you but other people may not be capable for performing these same tasks. Random things you do in your daily life could be services people are willing to pay for. There are plenty of sites set up for people to sell their services to others. So it wouldn’t be too difficult to find people willing to pay you for your services. Maybe you’re a good writer. Maybe you’re a good handyman.  Maybe there are skills you obtained from your job that can translate to a service you provide outside of work.  You just need to discover your skills and monetized it.

  1. Switch companies

In today’s working environment it seems many employers don’t provide much financial reward for loyalty. Even if you’re receiving your yearly raise it may not feel like much of a raise, if it’s barely keeping up with inflation. Moving from one company to another is a great way to make a significant jump in pay. I would recommend if you’re not satisfied with your current pay, negotiate for higher pay the next time you’re up for a raise. Check online to make sure your expectations are realistic. If this doesn’t work consider looking for a position with another company. It’s possible to find a similar position for higher pay with another company. I’ve personally experienced changing companies to perform the same job responsibilities for significantly higher pay. Check online see what other companies are paying for the positions you’re interested in.  Don’t assume all employers pay the same thing. You will be surprised to find, there can be a huge difference in what employers are willing to pay for essentially the same roles.

  1. Monetize your hobby

We all have hobbies. It’s possible your hobby could be something you can monetize. If you are an artist, there are plenty of platforms you can use to sell your artwork. If you’re a gamer, tons of people willing to pay to watch you play video games. It’s amazing the way people have managed to monetize their hobbies. Maybe your hobby started out as something you learned simply to avoid paying someone else to do it, and then realized you like it. I have one friend that wanted to update his bathroom floors. He watched a video online and did the work himself. He then began making other updates all over his home because he enjoyed enhancing his home. Maybe you do things like this all the time but never really thought much of it. People pay thousands of dollars for the things you like to do every day. Those people could be willing to pay you.