5 Quick ways to save money


Negotiating can save you a lot of money. For many things you might be surprised to find out, the price is negotiable. Things like Cellular service, car repair services, insurance, Cables service, Furniture etc., you can ask for a lower price. Many companies are willing to accept less money rather than lose a customer.

Shop around

Get out of the habit of paying a premium for products because the first place you went sold the product you were looking for. Take some time to look the item up online before going to a store. Some people may not realize the price of most products are not universal, and can be drastically different depending where go. Maybe it will be less expensive purchased online. If it’s something you want immediately and do not want to wait for shipping check a few different store’s website. Many stores will even price match their competitors. Keep in mind, specialty stores like CVS will charge high prices than a general store like Walmart or target.

Use Coupons

I’m sure there are coupons for many of the things you’re currently buy. I can personally say when it comes to groceries, coupons can save you a lot of money. Many stores even have cards where you can upload coupons from their website. Other stores have times when the double or triple the value of the coupon. Coupons are also not very hard to come by. You can receive them in the mail. You can buy them with your newspaper at the gas station, or you can download them online. There are also websites and phone apps dedicated to explaining in great detail exactly what to buy in order to take full advantage of your coupons and where to get them. These websites are update regularly so you always know the latest deals.

Avoid paying fees

Fees that are not 100% necessary should always be avoided when possible. Pay all your bills on time to avoid late fees. If you have a credit card, you should never actually pay interest. Interest is simply a fee for not paying your full balance. You should be paying your full balance each month or you need to spend less. Even installation fees can be avoided in most cases. Simply ask for the fee to be waived or choose a product that doesn’t have an installation fee.

Find inexpensive hobbies

If you find yourself spending a lot of money on entertainment, consider looking for less expensive hobbies. There are many things you can do that are not too expensive. Going for a walk at the park is free and good for your health. Tons of comedy places offer free comedy shows. You can go Kayaking or paddle boating at the lake for around $5. You can go to book stores and read books for free in the study areas. Even if you have a hobby like video games that requires you to stay at home, it’ll help you to save a bit of money. After the initial purchase, you’ll spend your time enjoying your hobby, which means you’re probably not spending money on anything during that time.